Media Training & Customized Coaching

Individual Programs:

We work with CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and business professionals. We like to “produce” one-on-one so that the attention is undivided. We customize the time and focus for each individual client. Individual work can cover a broad spectrum: from board meetings to a sales retreat, or from scripting your sound byte to prepping for a television news interview.

Amy at ICAN 2014Group Programs:

We also work with small groups of talented people, often inside of larger organizations, so teams can prepare and rehearse together. We present programs at large symposiums and at leadership conferences about how to take the stage, deliver with clarity and hold an audience. We work with a set of commandments that we’ve developed from our experience in the media and on the stage that will become your trusted guides to creating a natural, approachable and powerful presence.

Educational Presentations:

We deliver educational presentations for emerging talent about their opportunities to be leaders in front of an audience.

We Make It Fun To Be Taken Seriously TM

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