i didn’t see it coming

Amy Dorn Kopelan is the co-author of i didn’t see it coming: the only book you’ll ever need to avoid being blindsided in business.

i didn’t see it coming provides critical counsel and keen observation on how all employees can develop strategic insights and sharp instincts for reading the room and controlling their own destiny. For anyone in a dicey situation, even if they don’t yet know it, this is the ultimate guide for surviving when the time-bombs begin ticking.

i didn’t see it coming shows readers how to spot the danger signs, see the red flags, and wage a successful campaign to win in business.
From tips on surviving a new boss to keeping your perspective when you become the new boss, the insider’s “Bible” gives you tools you need to reach the top and never be blindsided.

You get the insider’s view on: 

  • The 4 critical laws you must follow to avoid any bad turn at any junction or choice in your career:
  • Why it’s so smart to have an exit strategy! And how to negotiate a “corporate pre-nup” at the beginning of a new job
  • How to define your management style and avoid mistakes the new bosses always make
  • Why you need a band of brothers or sisters to prevent an “IDSIC” moment from ever happening
  • The best way to manage and work with teams so you get the visibility you need to advance
  • How to successfully leverage and manage your relationships with bosses, colleagues, HR, and your staff
  • Five Essential Strategies for managing up
  • Why you should never settle when you’re fired

Amy Dorn Kopelan