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Bedlam Productions Inc.
The preeminent producer of executive summits and uncommon leadership programs

Bedlam Productions Inc.  is a leading producer of C-suite summits and leadership programs.
Based in New York, the company delivers global CEO summits, corporate leadership programs and private coaching for senior executives across the US and Canada. Bedlam’s summits focus on critical global trends that are reshaping business and leadership in the next decade. The leadership programs and private coaching concentrate on executive presence, personal branding and executive performance.

In Context:  We believe the key is producing. Bedlam Productions Inc. leads the field in customized produced programs…from Producing Your Personal Brand, Creating a Command Performance, to Executive Studio, Bedlam Productions Inc. designs and produces exactly what an organization needs to develop a full and strong bench.

Our Instructional Design:  Bedlam Productions Inc. produces its programs through role playing, simulation, workshops, on-stage participation, personal coaching, and group play.  We advocate live performance, homework, on-line and on-demand participation for easy access, tele/video conferencing, and continuous trust and support.

Unconventional Approach: We like to take an unexpected approach that we’ve developed through our years in theatre and television.  Amy Dorn Kopelan, the company’s Executive Producer and Founder, provides the creative force behind Bedlam Productions Inc. and draws everyone toward what’s next. You’ll find that she produces intellectually provocative programs that change thinking and behavior.

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