Roundtable Topics: Toronto 2017


The 2017 Corporate State: Toronto Summit will be held at the MaRS Discovery District on
May 17, 2017.

Here are the 3 Roundtable Topics:

  • Who is the 14-year old Consumer?
  • Cultural Sexism
  • Emotional Dislocation

Who is the 14-year old consumer? 

More than 2,000 young adults born after December 2000 were surveyed by MTV and want to be known as The Founders. The first generation to actually name itself, they have no memory of a world without Snapchat or Instagram, and over 53% of them would rather lose their sense of taste than their Smart Phone. These Founders are most noticeably diverse pragmatists who believe the future is about inventive business-building, privatization, and philanthropy.

Is the 14-year old consumer the small-business owner and CEO of the future?
What is really important to them? And how do they view their future?

Cultural Sexism: Entertainment, Advertising and the Workplace

The stakes are changing! Advertising, internet/television programming and workplace rules are shifting to accommodate the awareness and acceptance of gender fluidity. As transgender models are featured on fashion runways and LGBT policies are changing in corporate and entrepreneurial Canada, a multitude of new campaigns are reaching us from Nike, Mercedes, Diesel, IBM, Bristol-Myers Squibb and more that showcase transgender actors and LGBT couples.

How are business rules changing and social mores shifting?
What will our next generation expect and accept as the cultural norm?

Emotional Dislocation 

In her book, Alone Together, Dr. Sherry Turkle says we expect more from technology than from each other, and that human connectivity and empathy are at risk. Her premise is that we are, despite our proximities, very alone. The counter-argument is that digital life, where robots will be standing in for humans in all phases of how we live, can create new and vibrant hope– for  companionship, creativity, safety, heightened learning, and more. With the ultimate infusion of more technology, how do we leverage or capitalize on the best it has to offer?

Where will businesses and industry start to grab a new, giant foothold?
How will our connections, emotional reactions and conversation change as we continue to be digitally tethered?

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