The “Auction Economy” at Toronto 2012 Summit

At the October 2, 2012 Corporate State: Toronto Summit,

Evelyn Bailey-Semeniuk opens the panel discussion

Evelyn Bailey-Semeniuk, Vice President – General Business for IBM Canada Ltd., opened the day’s panels by moderating a spirited discussion on the changing foundations  and business models of a modern economy.

Panelists: Dr. Sherry Cooper, Heather Fraser, Dee-Ann Lama, Diane MacDiarmid, Karen A. Morris

The Auction Economy
Discussion: Pricing, as an institution, is being overthrown!  Instead, auction-based websites, stopwatch buying, “street bazaar” negotiations and online access-fees are creating business-model revolutions, and the Auction Economy is having enormous implications for producers, marketer and sellers.  The panel examined that impact, from companies that are shifting business models like IBM, to those moving to value-based compensation like Coca-Cola, to virtual-world spending like Gaia, to intellectual property protection at Newsweek.


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