Highlights – 2012 Toronto Summit

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Our October 2, 2012 Toronto summit at First Canadian Place was SOLD OUT!

2012 Roundtables:

The Auction Economy
Discussion: Pricing, as an institution, is being overthrown!  Instead, auction-based websites, stopwatch buying, “street bazaar” negotiations and online access-fees are creating business-model revolutions, and the Auction Economy is having enormous implications on producers, marketer and sellers.  We will examine that impact, from companies that are shifting business models like IBM, to those moving to value-based compensation like Coca-Cola, to virtual-world spending like Gaia, to intellectual property protection at Newsweek.

The Mystery of Motivation
Discussion: Human behavior, although infinitely complex, is finding more of its explanations and determinants in genes and hormones. Some scientists hold that in the future, we will manipulate behavior via genes and hormones, and others claim that technology and environment will out. We will discuss how these discoveries will impact business, hiring decisions, personal attraction, consumer spending, risk-taking and the stock market.

Venting Renaissance
Discussion: Venting is having a renaissance, perhaps as a result of technology, art & culture, tides of geopolitical change and removal of barriers to free expression. Venting takes on a wide range of forms, from consumer feedback, product reviews and employee performance ratings to freedom of political expression, online vigilante justice, and combat simulation. We will explore the creation of new businesses spurred by venting, new reputation

proactive strategies to leverage professional and personal expression.

Sensitivity Training (Protocol for the Future)
Discussion: Gender-based collaboration, Twitter/texting/, experiential CVs, Google+, fictionalized personalities: They are all having a profound impact on the way we communicate, interact and establish a new set of competencies for the future. Etiquette, traditional skills, social interaction and decision-making no longer look the same. We will discuss how and why employers must harness new competencies, educators re-think approaches to learning, and individuals develop a new protocol toolkit.

Summit  Sponsors:

BMO Financial Group
HUB International HKMB Limited
IBM Canada Ltd.
Korn/Ferry International
MasterCard Worldwide
Saint Elizabeth Health Care
Xerox Canada

Summit photography courtesy of Janine Therese Martins

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