Consulting Services

Bedlam Productions Inc. transforms routine meetings and conferences into high impact, memorable events. We achieve this by providing a range of production and consulting services that enable organizers to maximize the value of their conferences, meetings and summits. Our principals combine comprehensive knowledge of conference management with expertise in television and theater production to help organizers mount dynamic and relevant events.

Bedlam brings a broadcast and theater production perspective to conference content, pacing, design and execution. With our exacting standards and understanding of how to captivate an audience, we facilitate compelling events that leave a long-lasting, brand-building impression.

Strategic positioning:
Conferences aren’t just a means of conveying information; they’re also a branding opportunity for their organizers. Bedlam Productions Inc. helps organizers zero in on the brand image they wish to convey and frame conference content that aligns with and enhances that positioning.

Content development:
Speakers and panels must do more than entertain – they must deliver critical information that makes the conference worth the audience’s time. Bedlam Productions Inc. helps organizers and producers identify the “So What” – the message they want to convey through the event as a whole and at every individual session. Furthermore, we’re expert at identifying speakers and designing panels that will underscore those messages.

Conference flow:
Research suggests that within any two-hour event 60% of attendees will doodle or daydream, so it’s critical to keep your conference engaging. Bedlam provides tactical guidance on how conference content should flow to maximize attendees’ impressions and experience. We know how many sessions are too many for one day, that sessions on weighty topics should be interspersed with ones that are less challenging. We advise on everything from pace and type of content to length of breaks.

Speaker selection, acquisition and supervision:
Too often conferences feature well-known speakers who make off-the-shelf presentations that aren’t relevant to their audience. Bedlam assists organizers in identifying and engaging appropriate speakers for all their keynotes and sessions. We brief speakers on the audience they’ll address and the impression they should leave. Moreover, we rehearse speakers to make sure they’re on message.

Planning team facilitation:
Conferences planned by committee have the advantage of drawing on many people’s ideas and energy…but they tend to lack cohesion. Bedlam is expert at facilitating conference planning teams in order to harness the best contributions of each participant and to focus the group as a whole.

Conference Manager coaching:
As organizations try to do more with less, conference management responsibilities sometimes fall to professionals with little or no experience in the area. Bedlam coaches conference managers at all experience levels so they can maximize their resources and produce the high-impact events.

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