The Executive Studio



The Studio is designed for CEOs, Senior Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. In the Studio, we serve as a One-to-One Personal Producer. We tackle all aspects of your performance and leadership. We direct, and when required, transform your leadership presence, your communication and messaging, your text and language, your performance excellence.
Live. On the radio. Before the press. In front of a camera. Or, specifically in the Boardroom (See below).

At Bedlam Productions Inc., we take a television/theatre production approach to this private coaching. We bring years of professional theatre performance and network in-studio television producing/directing to our coaching work. You benefit from our years of training. We don’t believe that “one size fits all.” We don’t follow a conventional methodology. We believe that you, like every A-list actor, have your own individual talents that just need to be revealed.

Are you Interviewing with a Board?
At Bedlam Productions Inc., we rehearse you. We edit you. We direct and produce you. We assure that you deliver an exceptional performance. No matter how much endorsement you’ve received, the interview is the sink or swim.

There are fundamentals to master:
How to read the room
How to prepare cogent answers
How to gauge the impact of your voice and attitude
How to crystallize your responses
How to use your slides and graphics to your advantage
How to dress appropriately
How to “play” to your audience

No matter how talented or experienced you may be, you should never go in front of the Board without production and rehearsal.

A former ABC Television senior executive, Amy Dorn Kopelan‘s work runs the spectrum from prepping on-air talent at Good Morning America to coaching CEOs and senior executives who are presenting to their board or speaking to the press.


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