Script to Stage

rehearsal on air signIt’s not enough to know the lines. Any actor worth their salt knows it’s the rehearsal that makes the performance.

If you’re a CEO or senior executive, you should know that, too.
And you know that every entrance, exit, message, inflection and nuance “talks” on its own or serves to influence.

As a CEO or senior leader, you are performing. In front of your Board. To the Media. To the Executive Committee. To the Press. To your Employees.

It’s not enough to “know” what you should say and do. It’s about your wording, stage presence, prep and rehearsal. It’s about getting it right.

That’s what we do for CEOs, senior executives and top professionals.
We take the “script” onto the “stage” and assure exceptional performance.

Our goal is to take you from read to deliver to perform.
In that process:
We re-write content.
We create your speech headlines.
We “score” your text.
We find your highs, lows and operative words.
We provide voice direction.
We identify your best body language.

We insist on solid, anchored, organic, and authentic.
We don’t believe in “winging it”!

Every accomplished actor spends hours of rehearsal making it look effortless.
But don’t be fooled. That’s the magic of a great performance.


For more information about our customized work for CEOs and senior leaders,
contact: or call 212.843.0400

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