CEO Coaching

Bedlam Productions Inc. has been coaching and “producing” CEOS, senior leaders, and C-suite executives for over 14 years.

Katherine Leask

Katherine Leask

Amy Kopelan

Amy Dorn Kopelan

Why “Producing”?
We come to our work with the discipline and imagination of theatre and television performance and production.

We understand performance.
We understand precision.
We understand clarity of delivery and message.

We work with our clients in four distinct ways:
Executive Studio (Private)
Media Training (Private)
Script to Stage
Going Before the Board

A former ABC Television senior executive, Amy Dorn Kopelan‘s work runs the spectrum from prepping on-air talent at Good Morning America to coaching CEOs and senior executives who are presenting to their board or speaking to the press.

A classically trained stage actress and voice-over artist, who has performed leading roles at such flagship theatres as The Guthrie and Arena Stage, Katherine Leask is known for not only preparing actors across the country to appear on stage, but executives of all levels who are working to develop a stronger public presence.

Bedlam Productions Inc.  is proud to have worked with senior executives at Deutsche Bank, The Estée Lauder Companies, Hertz , State Farm Insurance,  Lincoln Financial, Bank of Montreal, Deloitte, Institute for Career Advancement Needs,  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, Newscorp, UBS, IBM and Aetna.


For more information about our CEO Coaching,
Contact: 212.843.0400 or via email:


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