“You’re On the Air”

“You’re On the Air” (Group Program)
Bedlam Productions’ newest leadership presence ???????????????????????????????????????program specifically targets those who want to amp up their phone leadership skills. We call it “You’re On the Air” and have already brought it into 5 Fortune 500 companies – to rave reviews! Developed by the Bedlam Productions team of actors, radio hosts and voiceover artists, “You’re On the Air” centers around 10 key ingredients of strong phone leadership.
1.     Mimic your favorite DJ
2.     Speak to only one person
3.     Ditch informality and regional references
4.     Testing, Testing
5.     “Promo” your call
6.     Let your voice smile
7.     “Who’s on the line?”
8.     Rewind and replay
9.     The exceptional power of the pause
10.   Slow down!

For information on bringing this program to your organization, contact us at: 212.843.0400 or email at katherine@bedlamproductionsinc.com


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