Presentation Tip # 6: Master the Power of Three

Tip # 6

Master the “Power of Three”!

Ready, Set, Go!
Win, Place and Show.
Larry, Moe and Curley.
Groucho, Chico, Harpo.

What do these have to do with teaching you powerful Presentation Tips?
It’s the concept of “3”!

Delivering information in trios will sharpen your delivery technique, keep your audience focused, and make your presentations memorable.

(Did you notice I gave you 3 reasons to pay attention?)

In writing and oratory, (yes, in all things you plan to communicate as a business leader) there is a principle that things that come in threes are:
— innately funnier
— more satisfying
— and more effective
than other numbers.

From Roosevelt to Churchill…. to Kennedy to King…. the most powerful speakers of our age have used the power of 3 in their speeches.

And…. no self-respecting comedian has ever underestimated the “power of three” in the art of comedy.
andrews sisters - cropped

Why? Because a series of 3 creates a progression…or more importantly a pattern…..
in which necessary tension is
a) created
b) built up
and finally,
c) released.
This “comic triple” is the smallest number needed to create a pattern. It works so well for comedians because they know that their audience is perceiving a pattern of information, and then, boom! The unexpected third element knocks them off kilter. It’s the twist. It’s the pay-off. And it gets the laugh every time.

Why is this threesome so important for you?

Because patterns help your audience remember.
images of threes - cropped
When you tap into the deep cultural patterns and rhythms of our society and our language, you create a more compelling and memorable experience for your audience.
The “power of three” helps you bring clarity, control and concise definition to your presentations, giving your audience a secure handle to grab onto so they can clearly understand what they need to take away and put to use.

It’s time to put this concept of “3” to work for you!

Step one: Organize your thoughts and talking points into threes.
Step two: Condense your points into three memorable “headlines” or “packets”
Step three: Think like a playwright: Be sure your material has a First, Second and Third Act.

3 stooges 1Write your headlines or questions using “3” such as:
“There are 3 things I want you to remember today.”
“Who can answer these 3 questions?”
“We have three things to accomplish in today’s session.”

You’ll be surprised at how quickly this becomes a good and effective presentation habit. Think “stability of the triangle” and be memorable!





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