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Presentation Tip #1:  Always Ask “Real” Questions

bill cullen at micEvery speaker on every stage cheats on this! The presenter may ask “How is everyone feeling today?” but he/she has no interest in REALLY hearing the answer. You know it by the tone of their voice. Are you engaged? No. Probably the reverse. Why? It was just an opening line. Or, you may hear a manager say “If we implement these changes, can we expect to see an improvement?” Are you paying close attention at this point? No. You’ve heard it before. What a missed opportunity! That very speaker really wants to “talk” to you and is hoping you listen closely, but they in effect “lost you” instead.

Here’s what we know…..
Too many speakers throw out a “question” to their audience
but don’t realize that they…click here to read the full post

Executive Studio Presentation Tip #2:  Talk to Your Best Friend in the Back Row

women laughing in audience v2 bffEvery time we rehearse a speaker, we hear the same little confessions. “I’m really nervous about my presentation!” Or, “I’m going to be sick to my stomach.” Sometimes, “I feel very alone on that stage.” And very often, “I’m not comfortable in a room full of strangers.”

For most of you, your best friend doesn’t come to work with you every day. He/she is not “on call” to go with you into the executive conference room or meeting with a client. Not in a pitch meeting. Not in the Board room. Not in an interview.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your best friend to work for you anyway!

How so? One of the best techniques you can use to keep yourself calm, focused, and personally connected to every person in your audience (big group or small) is to…click here to read the full post

Executive Studio Presentation Tip #3:  Know Your “Open” Cold!

Eleanor Roosevelt at podiumWe’re not talking about turning up the AC in the Conference Room. We’re talking about Nailing your Intro. Sticking the landing. Throwing a strike on the first pitch. But too often it doesn’t happen. We see this over and over and over in our work with clients, no matter how senior they are. Someone steps up to the podium and loses their audience before they get to the end of their first sentence.

The answer is pretty simple: They failed to connect on their first throw. Their first line is delivered to the floorboards. Their head was buried in their notes as they introduced themselves. They read from the page how “happy they are” to see everyone. Without ever looking up! Really? It looks to us like the only thing they’re happy to see is…click here to read the full post

Executive Studio Presentation Tip #4:  Banish Those Deadly “Ums” and “Ands”

Laurence OlivierPicture this. You go to the theatre to see HAMLET and hear the leading actor say:
“To be or not to be, um, that is the, um, question.” I don’t know about you, but I’d surely want my money back. We recently rehearsed a marketing Guru from a large media company and on paper he had it down. Good script. Good message. But then, as he started to practice on the stage, and at the podium, we heard it. We heard the word “and” 48 times during his speech. Does it really sound that bad? Yes! “And” is another culprit that will wear your listener down and put your entire audience in a coma faster than a 7th Rocky sequel.

The AND/ UM…..they are friends, but not yours!  Simply put, “And” is filler “weed” that strings out your thoughts, never allowing your audience to settle on a point or idea. Just when they think…click here to read the full post

Executive Studio Presentation Tip #5:  The Power of the Pause

Jack BennyHere’s a T-Shirt we saw recently at the airport……

“I. Can. Make. The. Little. Voice. In. Your. Head. Take. Pauses.”

superman stops a trainWe bought the T-shirt!
Why? It so perfectly sums up the essence of the
“Power of the Pause.”
Okay…. try reading it again.
Didn’t you take those pauses when you were reading it?
C’mon. Admit it. You did.

One. Little. Dot.
The Power of the Pause is more powerful than Superman stopping a locomotive.
We strategically call it the “Wait for It” moment.

But what does that little “dot” actually do or say?
The answer is: click here to read the full post

Executive Studio Presentation Tip # 6:  
Master the “Power of Three”!

Ready, Set, Go!
Win, Place and Show.
Larry, Moe and Curley.
Groucho, Chico, Harpo.

What do these have to do with teaching you powerful Presentation Tips?
It’s the concept of “3”!

Delivering information in trios will sharpen your delivery technique, keep your audience focused, and make your presentations memorable.

(Did you notice I gave you 3 reasons to pay attention?)

In writing and oratory, (yes, in all things you plan to communicate as a business leader) there is a principle that things that come in threes are:
— innately funnier
— more satisfying
— and more effective
than other numbers.

From Roosevelt to Churchill…. to Kennedy to King…. the most powerful speakers of our age have used the power of 3 in their speeches.

And…. no self-respecting comedian has ever underestimated the “power of three” in the art of comedy.

Because a series of 3 creates a progression…or more importantly a pattern…..
in which…  Click here to read the full post

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