Leadership Presence

Amy at podium Quebec 2015Bedlam Productions Inc. teaches Leadership Presence under the banner of Deliver A Command Performance.

Leadership Presence is critical for executives or emerging leaders who want to lead more effectively, move more quickly through the ranks of their company, and fast-track their level of responsibility and influence. Deliver a Command Performance, taught one-on-one or within a group, specifically addresses and cultivates the “performance skills” that every powerful leader must master: the ability to speak and present with confidence, to communicate with precision and clarity, and to create a meaningful connection with the listener. It’s why we call this program Deliver a Command Performance.

Many men and women leaders struggle in front of an audience, from a one-on-one meeting with a client to an auditorium of 500 people. But they don’t have to. If a leader is “produced,” he/she can jump onto the corporate stage with the talents of a well-rehearsed leading player. We’ve developed a methodology called Crossing the Footlights™ that allows us to work and prep a professional as if for a one-man or woman show. We construct the program based on the key elements of Core, Content, Control, Connection and Craft. With our background in network television and live theater, we know how to hone individual performance. We turn around the most hesitant. Or skeptical. So that taking the stage becomes easy. For more information about this program, email us: katherine@bedlamproductionsinc.com

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