Bedlam Productions Inc. offers several core programs that concentrate on executive presence, personal brand, and leadership style. Each follows our Crossing the Footlights™ theatre and television methodology, and is customized for every audience.

CREDENTIALS: Producing Your Career, Bedlam Productions Inc.’s programming division,
is proud to have worked in alliance with many large US and Canadian corporations including Bank of America, Bank of Montreal, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, Deutsche Bank, the Estée Lauder Companies, Hertz, Institute for Career Advancement Needs, Lincoln Financial,  New York Life, News Corporation, State Farm Insurance, Time, Inc., and UBS  plus numerous authors and senior executives.

Program One:  Deliver A Command Performance (Individual or Group Program)
Bedlam Productions Inc. teaches Leadership Presence under the banner of Deliver A Command Performance.

Leadership Presence is critical for executives or emerging leaders who want to lead more effectively, move more quickly through the ranks of their company, and fast-track their level of responsibility and influence. Deliver a Command Performance, taught one-on-one or within a group, specifically addresses and cultivates the “performance skills” that every powerful leader must master: the ability to speak and present with confidence, to communicate with precision and clarity, and to create a meaningful connection with the listener. It’s why we call this program Deliver a Command Performance. Many men and women leaders struggle in front of an audience, from a one-on-one meeting with a client to an auditorium of 500 people. But they don’t have to. If a leader is “produced,” he/she can jump onto the corporate stage with the talents of a well-rehearsed leading player. We’ve developed a methodology called Crossing the Footlights™ that allows us to work and prep a professional as if for a one-man or woman show. We construct the program based on the key elements of Core, Content, Control, Connection and Craft. With our background in network television and live theater, we know how to hone individual performance. We turn around the most hesitant. Or skeptical. So that taking the stage becomes easy. For more information about this program, email us:

Program Two:   Produce Your Personal Brand (Group Program) Your personal brand tells others about your individual image and the results you bring to match it. Without a well-defined and articulated brand it’s hard to set an effective career path and define leadership potential. For the organization, for the team, and for the individual, branding is a core element for competition and success. With our personal branding program and curriculum, professionals focus on personal brand identification, personal packaging and marketing, uncovering hidden talents and developing signature style. For information on booking a Personal Brand program, email us:

Program Three: Executive Studio (Individuals or Small Groups)
Not all talented professionals have mastered the kind of stage presence they need to successfully and gracefully address an audience, make a presentation, speak to clients or appear in a videoconference. In the Executive Studio, our leadership presence program  for individuals or small groups, we concentrate on exceptional delivery and message, special approaches for “holding an audience” (in person or by phone) and clarity of intention and communication. Like an actor’s studio, this program is designed to teach each member of the group according to his/her personal style, using each person’s individual material, slides or presentation text.  We never assume one size fits all. We choose to “produce” each program participant as if we’re preparing him/her for center stage, and the intimate setting encourages group support and feedback.  Since we all know that no great actor would ever take the stage without being well-directed and rehearsed, we also know that no professional can truly perform at her/his best without customized instruction and significant preparation>. For more information about the “Studio”, contact us at 212.843.0400 or email at

Program Four:  You’re On the Air” (Group Program)
Bedlam Productions’ newest leadership presence program specifically targets those who want to amp up their phone leadership skills. We call it “You’re On the Air” and have already brought it into 5 Fortune 500 companies – to rave reviews! Developed by the Bedlam Productions team of actors, radio hosts and voiceover artists, “You’re On the Air” centers around 10 key ingredients of strong phone leadership.
1.     Mimic your favorite DJ
2.     Speak to only one person
3.     Ditch informality and regional references
4.     Testing, Testing
5.     “Promo” your call
6.     Let your voice smile
7.     ”Who’s on the line?”
8.     Rewind and replay
9.     The exceptional power of the pause
10.  Slow down!

For information on bringing this program to your organization, contact us at: 212.843.0400 or email at


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