What We Do

Produce C-Suite Summits
Based in New York, Bedlam Productions Inc. produces global CEO summits across the US and Canada. Bedlam’s summits focus on critical global trends that are reshaping business and leadership in the next decade.

Coach CEOs
Bedlam Productions Inc. has been coaching and “producing” CEOS, senior leaders, and C-suite executives for over 14 years. Why “Producing”? We come to our work with the discipline and imagination of theatre and television performance and production. We understand performance. We understand precision. We understand clarity of delivery and message. And we understand how to teach it.

Prepare Executives to Speak on-Camera or in Public
With a very effective methodology called Crossing the Footlights TM we provide expert and customized instruction and preparation for any executive or leader to take the stage. The stage can be live. The stage can be a TV studio. Or an auditorium with a podium. We all know that no great actor would ever want to take the stage or step in front of a camera (or microphone) without being totally prepared or rehearsed. Business leaders should set the same criteria.

Provide Presentation and Voice Training
Your voice is as unique as a fingerprint. How you “sound” when you speak creates a strong impression. We bring our extensive experience in professional theatre and television performance to our customized vocal work with clients (individually or in groups). We unlock and maximize the individual voice’s potential. We focus on breathing, resonance, and articulation, vocal range, projection and accent correction.

Design and Produce Personal Branding Programs
Because your personal brand tells others about your individual image, the results you bring to match it, and your performance expectations, we designed an interactive, story-based program for leaders at all levels of the organization. Taught one-to-one or in group, this program is exceptional for team-building or individual brand marketing. Our program quickly allows professionals to identify, articulate and promote their primary benefit as leaders.

Deliver Keynote Addresses and Moderate at Conferences
Amy Dorn Kopelan, co-author of I Didn’t See It Coming, moderates at national leadership conferences and delivers keynote addresses on the subjects of her book. These cover career strategy, leadership, and business savvy.

Consult to Companies for Sales Meetings and Conferences
Bedlam Productions Inc. transforms routine meetings and conferences into high impact, memorable events. We achieve this by providing a wide range of production and consulting services that enable organizers to maximize the value of their conferences or meetings. Our principals combine comprehensive knowledge of conference management with expertise and background in television and theater production.

Provide Video Production Services and Consulting
In partnership with Freddie Dorn, an award-winning field producer for Good Morning America for over 20 years, Bedlam Productions Inc. provides a full array of production services including but not limited to consultation, script development, producing and editing. Services range from testimonials and on-camera tutorials to long-form story-telling and promotional programs for large organizations.


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