Thank You Notes

The reviews keep rolling in…

Individual Clients:

Amy, I very much enjoyed the segment.  Your “in the moment” feedback is the most powerful component of the session—as you could palpably sense and even hear the “a-ha” learning moments over the phone. Which was great!

— From a Chief Diversity Officer, Consumer Goods Company, New York City

Amy –
When people talk about the movie, The King’s Speech, and what Lionel Logue did for King George VI, I just simply reply, “you have not met Amy Kopelan!”
It was a comfortable evening and your steady hand made it so.
— Glenn Pomerantz, MD, JD, Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

OMG You completely rocked it!     ‘Hi Amy – Here is the feedback on the presentation..Thank you so much for your coaching and advice, it definitely paid off and really did make a difference: “Amazing job this morning, and I AM NOT just saying this.  It was exactly as we practiced, great uses of the wait for it moment, good use of voice inflection to underscore key words – honestly, and I say this without reservation – that WAS THE BEST THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD YOU PRESENT.  Awesome, just awesome.” 
— Senior Healthcare Executive in CT; (name withheld per contract)

“I owned the stage after working with you, Amy – and I was actually funny!”
— Senior HR Executive , 21st Century Fox

Amy – Just wanted to let you know I recently re-thanked our senior partner for the opportunity to work with you to step up my game. With changes in work within the department, and seeing more email flow from others, I appreciate the increased precision, utility (and resulting increased value) of streamlined communication. With practice, it does indeed become second nature to communicate crisply! Thank you for working with me.
— Managing Partner, NJ law firm (name withheld)

“You totally changed my presentation and now I’m trying to teach my team what you taught me.”
— Senior Executive, Corporate Philanthropy, NJ pharmaceutical firm

“After I worked with you, our CEO said my presentation was stronger than it had ever been. When can we schedule our next rehearsal?”
— EVP, Connecticut financial services group

Producing Your Career’s “Executive Studio”:

“I attended your Executive Studio class yesterday through New York Life and wanted to send a personal note of thanks to you for a very informative class. I have attended other public speaking classes but did not gain as much insight into my personal needs as I did from your class. Thank you.” — Heather Howell “Amy, you really hit it out of the park – you are honest, funny and most importantly, spot on! I have worked with many consultants throughout my tenure as the Northeast WIN leader, but few have compared to Amy. To say that Amy is expert at producing an event is probably an understatement. She is an excellent producer, and a savvy business person. She knows her material and reads and engages her audience like the pro that she is. Amy is inspiring, relevant and yet down to earth at the same time. Our client event was a huge success and when given the choice, the audience chose to extend the discussion time instead of moving onto cocktails and networking – and that was at 7 in the evening, after a full day of work. We received rave reviews from our clients and a few have contacted us to engage Amy for their respective organizations.”
— Robin Matza, Tax Director, Lead Tax Services, Deloitte Tax LLP “

Thanks again for helping to focus me. I’m really pleased with the result.”

–Justin Klinger

Producing Your Career “Personal Branding” workshops:

Hi Amy,
I was in the audience when you presented to Bank of Montreal HR at the beginning of the summer. I wanted to let you know that I thought you did a fantastic job and were truly inspirational.

– Diane Bell, Bank of Montreal

“I want to thank you and Amy for a great Workshop!!!!  Katherine, you have been so great to work with in getting everything coordinated.  And Amy, everyone was very impressed with the Workshop and very excited to continue working on their word and slogan!  Thank you so much!”

— Shannon M. Sarcia-Carlson, VP, US Benefits, BMO Financial Group

“Amy Kopelan has a genuine, no-nonsense, approach to improve her clients writing, public speaking, and brand awareness QUICKLY.  In a few sessions with Amy I learned more than I did in any seminar, professional development course, or writing class.   I can not recommend her services enough!”

— Sherry Hecht Leonard, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey

“I think the session was very interesting. Amy for sure is a very good engaging public speaker, I learned so much from her session yesterday. To me she was different because she used storytelling to send her message, which resonated more and touched sensitive areas in my heart. I feel the two hours were well spent. I gained knowledge of how to brand myself hopefully for success. I thank you all for organizing this event and looking forward for future ones.”

“Amy, you were an excellent ‘producer’, extremely engaging and really evoked emotions! Many of the attendants (and myself) felt the session was engaging, thought provoking and very useful both personally and professionally. It was one of the few sessions that I have attended in a long while that really ‘sparked’ something for me. I was moved and motivated! Thank you soooooo much!”

“I’ve worked in the Learning and Development world for the past five years so have some experience with a variety of vendors and topics that we have discussed at the firm. I definitely think that yesterday’s sessions was one of the better topics I’ve seen to date and certainly one of the most interactive and engaging sessions. Amy did an excellent job of balancing the conversation between those on the phone and those in the room and remembering everyone’s name and discussion points. I think everyone left positive and took away meaningful information about their brand and how they can use that to their advantage in both their personal and professional lives. Thanks for coordinating this one!”

— Three Networking Group executives from NYC investment firm (names withheld due to company privacy restrictions)

“…and the opinions are unanimous, they absolutely loved it and many of them would be willing to participate in a second workshop to pursue their reflection on their Branding…”

— Association des femmes en finance du Québec (AFFQ)

“I enjoyed the networking, tools and tips that the program provided. I’ve talked to three young female professionals about branding themselves and the strength of the program for this exercise.

— Bev Kracher, Creighton University

“Thank you for coordinating such an excellent class…words such as ‘galvanizer’ and ‘inspirer’ were mentioned. I have embarked on an exercise to solicit feedback from coworkers in an effort to help pinpoint a brand. Thanks again for an excellent experience…”

— Roy Krings – Union Pacific Railroad

“Great experience! “

— Mark Thiesen – Woodmen of the World

“I’m in Baltimore right now, preparing to give the presentation I practiced with the group. After the input I received, I totally revamped the tone & approach. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks again for the experience.”

— Jeff Hanson – OPPD

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