LaGuardia Community College brings “The Script” on campus


Rehearsing an Introduction


How to do a proper handshake


Directing the scholars as they role-play

LaGuardia Community College asked Bedlam Productions Inc. to come to its campus during the month of October to launch its speakers’ lab, “The Script,” for its “Community of Scholars.” The program, produced by Bedlam’s Executive Producer Amy Dorn Kopelan, creates a special opportunity for the Scholars to prepare for interviews, presentations, and social discourse with business leaders.

Amy used “The Script,” designed with a special focus on theatre and television techniques, to work with more than 70 LaGuardia Scholars in the two different sessions on campus. The students learned the “Top 10 Stage Directions for a Great Presentation,” and rehearsed networking techniques by role-playing real-life situations: from interviews to team meetings to cocktail party introductions.

They specifically learned techniques for communicating effectively with senior executives, celebrity donors, and other influential business leaders they may encounter in their future business careers.

Want to learn more about LaGuardia Community College?

Want to learn how to use “The Script” in your own organization?

Contact: or call 212.843.0400


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