Executive Studio Presentation Tip #7

Tip # 7
Don’t Swallow Your Punch Line

Stop! Don’t leave! I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not a comedian, what could this Tip mean to me? Why should I care about a punch line, and whether I swallow it or not?

Here’s why that punch line is so critical to your effectiveness as a presenter or speaker:

A punch line is called a punch line because it “punches home” the most important idea or message in the story.

gilda_bill_murray_051613-400x300In comedy, that story takes the form of a joke or a comic monologue. And the punch line brings everything to a conclusion or resolution. For a comedian, to goal is to get the laugh. Buh-da-bing!

For an executive, a leader, or any professional speaking before a group, it’s the same principle – your story is your speech or presentation, and your punch line is designed to bring an idea to a conclusion, and to get a response, or call your audience to action.

But a punch line will have no punch at all if it can’t be heard or has no energy!

Just like a runner who thinks he has the race won and slows down right at the finish line, actors sometimes make the mistake of…Keep Reading!


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