Executive Studio Presentation Tip #5

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It’s a brand New Year and we’re back with Presentation Tip #5 for you:

Tip #5:

The Power of the Pause

superman stops a train

Here’s a T-Shirt we saw recently at the airport……

“I. Can. Make. The. Little. Voice. In. Your. Head. Take. Pauses.”

We just had to buy that T-shirt! Why? It so perfectly sums up the essence of the “Power of the Pause.”
Okay…. try reading it again. Didn’t you take those pauses when you were reading it?
C’mon. Admit it. You did.

One. Little. Dot. Who knew it’s more powerful than Superman stopping a locomotive?
It’s the “Power of the Pause” – or as we strategically call it,  the “Wait for It” moment.

That tiny little dot is one tremendously effective tool in your leadership arsenal.

But what does that little “dot” actually do or say?
The answer is:
“Stop! Take a breath. Process what you just read. Think before you move on.” The “Wait for It” moment gives you power and influence. Whoever you are. Whenever you speak.

But do you really know how to harness the powerful pause? Read on…





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