What’s in a Name?

Anthony Shore

Anthony Shore of
Operative Words

Anthony Shore of Operative Words is the “go to” guy when it comes to naming. Check out the article by Neal Gabler “Call It What It Is” in the New York Times Magazine (January 18, 2015) that digs into how products get their names, and you’ll learn much more about the compelling process of naming a company. We love Anthony’s approach, his process and creative thinking, because he does with companies what we do with people.

Anthony Shore names products and companies. He’s a master at it. From consumer packaging to wine & spirits to healthcare to technology. Over 160 distinct names.
Think: Lytro, Yum!, SoyJoy and Avaya just for starters.

But he’s not alone in this field, because “naming” is a specialty industry that asks each company “What makes you different?” According to Maria Cypher, Founder of Catchword, a name “gives us a shared understanding of what something is.”

Names and brands are not the exclusive domain of companies and products.
They bring a distinct advantage for people as well, from organizational leaders and executives to emerging talent and sales gurus. We have produced “naming” or branding programs for over 25 organizations and over 500 people within those organizations. By working with our specific approaches from the world of theatre, television, and yes, linguistics, we have launched such personal brands as:

The Economista, The Helmsman, The Speeding Bullet, The Legal Lifeguard, The Change-Agent, The Anchor, The Pathfinder, The Dreamer, The Shape-Shifter, The Jedi, The Truth-Keeper, The Artisan, The Keystone, La Rock, The Illusionist….
To name just a few!

Anthony Shore asks his companies: What Makes Your Company Different? We ask: What Makes YOU Different? But the answer, the “right name” for each person and his/her personal brand, often takes on a detailed process of discovery. We lead exceptional “self-discovery” from a branding perspective and create strong team-building in the process.

Since our program is completely interactive and always customized, the goal is for each person in the program to identify his/her own personal brand, or “name” and then to create a Personal Benefit Statement. It’s amazing how quickly this process unveils “personal packaging” and hidden talents. What ultimately results is a name or brand that ignites more personal productivity, identity, pride, and a commitment to success.


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