Executive Studio Presentation Tip #4

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We’re back with Presentation Tip #4 for you:

Tip #4:

genekelly at micBanish Those Deadly “ands” and “ums”

Picture this. You go to the theatre to see HAMLET and hear the leading actor say:
“To be or not to be, um, that is the, um, question.” I don’t know about you, but I’d surely want my money back. We recently rehearsed a marketing Guru from a large media company and on paper he had it down. Good script. Good message. But then, as he started to practice on the stage, and at the podium, we heard it. We heard the word “and” 48 times during his speech. Does it really sound that bad? Yes! “And” is another culprit that will wear your listener down and put your entire audience in a coma faster than a 7th Rocky sequel.

The AND/ UM…..they are friends, but not yours!

Simply put, “And” is a filler “weed” that strings out your thoughts, never allowing your audience to settle on a point or idea. Just when they think they’ve grasped what you had to say, you dilute their understanding and confuse them by throwing “and” onto the speech roadway, plowing through every grammatical stop sign in sight. And, and, and, and….read on to learn more!


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