Legal Momentum Celebrates VAWA’s 20th Anniversary

Bedlam Productions Inc. joins with Legal Momentum this month to mark the the 20th anniversary of the passage of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

As you may know, then-Senator Joe Biden conceived of the Violence Against Women legislation and invited Legal Momentum to work with him to make it a reality. He introduced the bill in 1990 and Legal Momentum worked with him and his Senate Judiciary Committee staff on an almost daily basis until VAWA was passed in 1994, with the support of a broad coalition of women’s, faith-based, labor, civil rights and law enforcement groups.

VAWA Anniversary Group Shot

Legal Momentum’s Executive Director Carol Robles-Roman and staff celebrate VAWA’s 20th Anniversary

Here are some examples of VAWA’s effectiveness:
• Between 1993, the year VAWA was introduced, and 2010, violence against family members and intimate partners in the U.S. declined 67%.
• There has been as much as a 51% increase in reporting of such violence by women and a 37% increase in reporting by men.
• Between 1993 and 2007, the rate of intimate partner homicides of women decreased by 35%, and the rate of intimate partner homicides of men decreased 46%.
• VAWA has saved taxpayers billions of dollars in costs for medical and mental health services, as well as costs for law enforcement and justice system expenditures.

To learn more about Legal Momentum’s vital work, contact Carol Robles-Roman, CEO of Legal Momentum, at


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