Re-Thinking the Employee Experience

Christine McLeod

Christine McLeod is the Founder and Chief Possibilities Officer of Impact People Practices in Vancouver.
She recently joined us  in a provocative discussion on Social Media and Digital Marketing at The Corporate State: Vancouver CEO Summit.

Here she shares more of her perspective on the employee experience from “50,000 feet up”:

” What is it about Social Media in the workplace that has executives dashing under tables trembling, or worse — still dismissing the concept as nothing more than a distracting fad ?

Today’s busy workplace champion is busy IN the business and rarely has time to take in the 50,000 ft perspective. That’s why Summits like Corporate State are so well received and sell out right away- they create the space for accessing thought leaders, forward thinking peers, approaching trends and of course the chance to tie it all in to real workplace challenges.

My issue with most social media events, even those “for HR,” is that they’re at best a lineup of thought leaders speaking AT the audience about how they need to get with the program and “do” Social. What is missing is an experiential learning environment where the complexities and real challenges of social workplace can be tackled, batted around and challenged. HR is being pounded with issues they have never dealt with before that are very tangibly affecting your company bottom line, reputation and productivity output. HR Summit- Ignite a Social Workplace with Impact99 is the event that will give your HR leaders the right connections, knowledge and road map to best equip them to help you re-think every aspect of your employee experience.

Small group discussions, brilliant keynotes, a CEO dragon’s den and interactive learning on your own electronic device of choice. One day, one track, 100+ of Canada’s progressive workplace champions.

To find out more 

Watch a video clip:


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One Comment on “Re-Thinking the Employee Experience”

  1. akismet-ee486de5dcbd5c3c8b06adfdb62cf4e3
    June 18, 2012 at 1:24 pm #

    Thank you so much for the amazing experience in Vancouver- and I am looking forward to continuing the vibrant discussion around SOCIAL WORKPLACE with those workplace champions who truly want to access the leading edge of “the future of HR!”

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