Increasing Your Net Worth by $1M

Bruce Sellery

Bruce Sellery, best-selling author and TV host on OWN, is our favorite personal finance coach!
With the launch of  “Million Dollar Neighborhood” Bruce engages in the power of community to help all of us bring dreams to life.

When his book Moolala first hit the bookshelves, Bruce asked the simple questions: Why do smart people do such dumb things with their money? Now that he’s hopping onto the Oprah Winfrey network, he can show you. Bruce gave us a preview:

Your friends and family are an incredible resource to you –  and you to them I expect, as well.  You help each other deal with bossy bosses and vent about tantrums from both toddlers and teens.  And yet when it comes to getting a handle on your money so you can live the life you want, you all probably fall silent.  At least that’s what most people do.

This is a big missed opportunity.  And we set out to prove it on a new reality TV show for the Oprah Winfrey Network.   It is called “Million Dollar Neighborhood” and it features 100 families working together for 10 weeks to increase their collective net worth by $1 Million.  In order to be successful at this challenge they have to help each other increase income and cut spending, and that means breaking the taboo of talking about money.   These families are dealing with many of the same things that you’re dealing with and you will be amazed to see what happens when they work together.

So how do you get some of this “community” momentum in your own life?  It’s simple.  Talk to three friends and ask them “What are some things that you’re excited about, or want to have happen, in the next 5 years?”  Inevitably some of those life goals will have dollar signs attached – making them financial goals.  Then ask them “how can I help bring those dreams to life?”  Ta-da.  You are now engaging the power of community.

Bruce Sellery is the financial expert and co-host of “Million Dollar Neighborhood”.  It airs on OWN Saturdays at 9E/8C.  For more information go to


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