PYC April 2011 Newsletter: Finding Your Leadership Style

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and action.”  –Harold S. Geneen (1910-1997), CEO of ITT

Are you practical and a realist?  Or a visionary and an idealist?  Do you lead and inspire?  Manage?  Or unknowingly manipulate?

This issue is about Leadership Style—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We talked with one corporate executive and one entrepreneurial expert:

Jane Goldner

Jane Goldner, President of The Goldner Group, is a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 Companies, government and military organizations, and small to mid-sized businesses. She helps senior leadership resolve organizational problems in order to create successful cultures that attract and retain top talent.  We chose to speak to Jane because of her exceptional corporate leadership experience.

Jane shared with us what it takes to “Leader Up.” For Jane, leaders and organizations must understand what they need to focus on to create an environment that allows people to be self-motivated.  And, they must recognize that everyone needs to be a leader in their own job, whether they supervise people or not.  According to Jane, leaders need to ask themselves three key questions:

  • Where am I taking my company, my department, my unit?
  • Why should anyone follow me there?
  • What legacy do I want to leave?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can take the three actions that are required to “Leader Up.”  Click the play button below to find out what they are.

(Interview length: Approximately 9 minutes)

And be sure to check out Jane’s book Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Achieving High Performance in Business.

Lanny Goodman

Lanny Goodman is the CEO of Management Technologies Inc. and a management consultant for entrepreneurs. Author of The End of Management – Have More Time, Make More Money and Have More Fun by Creating a Company That Runs Itself and a speaker at the Inc. 500 Conference, Lanny shared with us his thoughts on what he calls “Trinity Management”—the bedrock of good entrepreneurial leadership.

According to Lanny, everything that goes on in an entrepreneurial business can fit into three buckets:

  • Products or services
  • Marketing and sales
  • Financial management

Lanny believes that an entrepreneur typically is good at only one of these things.  Click the play button below to hear Lanny’s alerts about:

  • Why a team of three people serves you best
  • Why you’re a stronger leader if you identify your sweet spot
  • The traps of trying to do it all

(Interview length: Approximately 8 minutes)


Aryeh Bourkoff

Sometimes you just hit a home run when you interview someone.  This month’s Spotlight did just that!  We had the opportunity to speak with Aryeh Bourkoff, Vice Chairman, Head of Americas, Investment Banking Department for UBS. As someone who’s garnered great respect and has managed, in a short time, to move into a very senior role at UBS, we asked Aryeh how he’s produced his career with such excellence.

His answer—“I have a drive to win.” Aryeh told us that he believes you have to foster deep relationships with internal and external partners.  For him, an organization is a place with lots of products and regions and it’s important to gain experience in them all.  According to Aryeh, the idea is to learn, to have a big goal, and to think like an entrepreneur.  We were quite intrigued when he told us that you need to consider the company as one big training program.  We like that idea!

Aryeh was very clear about the fact that he has a genuine focus on clients, new ideas and a collaborative culture. And, he shared that he doesn’t get distracted by other things.  When we asked him what’s the best piece of advice he’d ever been given, he told us, “Conventional thinking is usually right but seldom profitable.”  Aryeh talked about not being insular.  He feels that you should be integrating your thoughts and work into a communicative and social environment because it’s more stimulating and productive.

We closed our interview by asking him to share his advice for producing your career. “Surround yourself with people who are smart intellectually and emotionally.”  And—one more thing according to Aryeh, “have fun doing what you do!”

See you next time,
The Team at “Producing Your Career”

Producing Your Career is a division of Bedlam Productions Inc.

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