Professional Courtesy

“There will always be someone else with a different view than you. I appreciate them and would never say that they are wrong. I hope that they would give me that courtesy also.
–Singer/Songwriter Melissa Etheridge

This month’s issue is about Professional Courtesy and Giving the Benefit of the Doubt. Have you ever stopped to think about what professional courtesy looks like?  Not just behaving nicely to others—but going beyond that—and really giving people the benefit of the doubt.  Do you ascribe positive motives to the people you work with?  Or, do you automatically assume negative ones?

Cy Wakeman

Cy Wakeman is a dynamic, well-respected national keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and trainer who helps individuals and organizations recreate their mindsets so they can achieve results beyond their wildest dreams.  Her approach is unconventional, candid, and entertaining. Based on her hard-hitting philosophy, “Reality-Based Leadership™,” Cy helps groups and organizations break through their reasons, stories and excuses to develop innovative solutions to long-standing issues.

We had a fascinating talk with Cy about the high financial costs of teams not working well together.  Cy poses a great question to her clients—“What can you do with your people so that the drama goes down and the results go up?”  People succeed despite their circumstances by giving others the benefit of the doubt and asking how they can add value to the current reality.

Click the button below to listen to Cy talk about how to:

  • Outlaw negative interpretations
  • Be immune to what others do
  • Assign positive motives to people’s actions
  • Have responsibility for your own professionalism

(Interview Length: approximately 10 minutes)

Click HERE to  find out more about Cy’s book Reality-Based Leadership—Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results.

Judith E. Glaser

Judith E. Glaser is one of the most innovative “change agents” in the consulting industry and is the leading authority on WE-centric Leadership. Through her dynamic and provocative work, she has introduced her powerful transformative technologies to CEOs and their teams at major companies in the Fortune 500.

Judith spoke with us about the neuroscience of WE—as in “we work together.”  “Human beings are social beings,” Judith told us.  “We have people who raise us and nurture us; we don’t do it alone.  It’s the interaction with others that helps us grow and become the best we can be.”  Judith talked about creating an environment where people can learn, grow and nurture each other, rather than simply taking orders or delivering a product.  The challenge for everyone is to overcome negative triggers.

Click the button below to hear Judith highlight 4 triggers.

(Interview length: approximately 3 minutes)

CLICK HERE to find out more about Judith’s book 42 Rules for Creating WE

Stephanie Chick

Stephanie Chick is the visionary behind Deliver the Package®, a breakthrough coaching model that teaches you how to unleash your personal genius—in the workplace and beyond. Her coaching insights have been featured in BusinessWeek, Black Enterprise, Essence, Heart & Soul, and Diversity, Inc. Her book, Deliver the Package: Simple truths to help you set your genius free, talks about how to unleash your genius—and why talent alone isn’t enough anymore.  According to her, talent is conforming while genius is transformational.

Click the button below to learn more from Stephanie.

(Interview length: Approximately 9 minutes)


Jim Wagner

It is an absolute delight to present Jim Wagner as our PYC Spotlight this month. Jim is someone who truly has unleashed his genius.  And, he’s one of the nicest people we know—always giving everyone the courtesy they deserve and the benefit of the doubt!

Jim is the founder and chief designer of Certainly Studio Inc., a design firm rooted in a respect for the union of content and design. He spent more than 20 years as a brand manager and marketing strategist in television news and entertainment including VP of Advertising and Promotion for ABC’s Good Morning America and VP of Advertising and Promotion for Universal Worldwide Television.

We asked Jim how someone goes from being a corporate VP of Advertising and Promotion in the world of entertainment to being an award-winning designer. “I did it by putting one foot in front of the other,” Jim told us.  While it clearly wasn’t that simple, Jim said he took advantage of his knowledge and passions so that he could work in a design environment that values innovation and conceptual thinking, where clients and designers work as one, and where the power of content and the strength of design can create stunning results.

“I am not the guy who sees his career in ten- or twenty-year increments because I think you miss a lot of things if you do that. I just did what made sense and what brought me pleasure.”  When Jim decided to change careers, he looked at the things that he liked and those that he wanted to minimize.  Then, he decided to concentrate on how he could do more of the things he liked.  For Jim, the key to finding your passion is to:

  • Do something you really love
  • Align yourself with someone you respect, admire, and can learn from
  • Find someone who will challenge you, support you, and give you opportunities

According to Jim, he’s the happiest guy in America. “I love going to work.  I love what I do each day—even with all the challenges of being a business owner. I control my own destiny and I love that.”

Next time:  Leadership Style…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

See you then,
The Team at “Producing Your Career”

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