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C-Suite Summits

Bedlam Productions Inc. – the preeminent producer of executive summits and uncommon leadership programs. Based in New York, Bedlam Productions Inc. delivers global CEO summits, corporate leadership programs and private ...

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Media Training & Customized Coaching

CEOs, celebrity presenters and politicians have personal and individual presentation coaches, and you can too.  If you prefer one-on-one personal leadership presence and presentation coaching, as opposed to working with ...


Leadership Programs

PRODUCING YOUR CAREER creates uncommon and effective executive education programs. Our goal is to help organizations produce stronger leaders, advance high-potential talent, and nurture newer professionals. CREDENTIALS: Producing Your Career ...

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Back to Toronto!

The Corporate State summit will be back in Toronto in 2016! First ...
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Executive Studio Presentation Tip #6

Tip # 6 Master the “Power of Three”! Ready, Set, Go! Win, ...
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SOLD OUT at the Summit in Montreal!

February 18, 2015: L’État des affaires : Québec/The Corporate State: Québec at ...

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Cori Bargmann and the Brain Initiative

You could hear a pin drop. Dr. Cori Bargmann was showing us the relationships between genes, experience, the nervous system and behavior in a tiny little worm with just 302 neurons (the nematode C. elegans). We were attending a Women’s Forum breakfast and the guest speaker was Dr. Bargmann, one of the nation’s most respected […]

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Executive Studio Presentation Tip #5

Welcome to the Executive Studio! It’s a brand New Year and we’re back with Presentation Tip #5 for you: Tip #5: The Power of the Pause Here’s a T-Shirt we saw recently at the airport…… “I. Can. Make. The. Little. Voice. In. Your. Head. Take. Pauses.” We just had to buy that T-shirt! Why? It so […]

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Countdown to Montreal 2015

All aboard for the second L’État des affaires/The Corporate State: Québec summit on February 18 at the Hyatt Regency Montréal! We are almost sold out – If you’re not already registered, you could miss: 13 Distinguished Sponsors 2 Keynote Speakers 3 Roundtable discussions on trends that will affect critical business decisions in the next decade and beyond […]

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What’s in a Name?

Anthony Shore of Operative Words is the “go to” guy when it comes to naming. Check out the article by Neal Gabler “Call It What It Is” in the New York Times Magazine (January 18, 2015) that digs into how products get their names, and you’ll learn much more about the compelling process of naming […]

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Executive Studio Presentation Tip #4

Welcome to the Executive Studio! We’re back with Presentation Tip #4 for you: Tip #4: Banish Those Deadly “ands” and “ums” Picture this. You go to the theatre to see HAMLET and hear the leading actor say: “To be or not to be, um, that is the, um, question.” I don’t know about you, but […]

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Executive Studio Presentation Tip #3

Welcome to the Executive Studio! We’re back with Presentation Tip #3 for you: Tip #3 Know Your “Open” Cold! We’re not talking about turning up the AC in the Conference Room. We’re talking about Nailing your Intro. Sticking the landing. Throwing a strike on the first pitch. But too often it doesn’t happen. We see […]

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